Purchases CDs or DVDs in bulk with Cases and Inserts for this amazing price!


The DVDs will be burned from DVD-R and the artwork will be printed either on paper label and then affixed to the disc. or directly onto the disc surface using inkjet printing.

DVD duplication gives the flexibility to have a quick turn around at the cost of slightly higher unit price.

CD Duplication means the CDs will be burned from CD-Rs and the artwork will be either printed on a paper label which is then applied onto the disc surface, or printed directly onto the discs with inkjet printable coating. CD Duplication is synonymous to CD burning and is meant for low volume and fast turn around production.


· Duplication Type:  DVD-R

· Up to 6 colors on disc

· DVD case

· Simple logo and text setup

· 5000 upper limit quantity


· Duplication Type: CD-R

· Up to 6 colors

· Multiple disk jewel case

· 5000 upper limit quantity

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