DCL Media & Print

Do you want to preserve some analog media? We handle Digital Conversion your Analog Media to Digital Media. Send us your Analog Media such as Tape Cassettes by mail, and get the Digital Media shipped to your door in return. The Digital Media can be on Optical Discs (CD/DVD), Digital Files, Memory Card or other method that you prefer.  Professional digital audio/video transfer Format Conversion is our specialty. We can also transfer the files back to you via cloud file sharing applications.
We make sure your quality is optimal by using quality equipment.
We create high quality CD, DVD, Data File (MP3 or MP4), or other Media and can send files by internet.

$150.00 for the first 30 minutes, $2.50 each minute after

Lead-time: 48-hour or same day
How To: Send your hard drives or memory cards to the address at the bottom of our website with your contact information. We will call you when we receive your package.
  • Ask about our other services including CD & DVD Duplication, Custom Packaging, Fulfillment Services and much more! 

We have many options including:

  • VHS to DVD
  • VHS to Betacam
  • Tape to CD
  • Tape to File

    Call Us with your questions: +1-800-833-4460 M-F, 8:00am - 4:30pm PST