Are you wondering, how do you control user online ordering access to your media and print assets?  DCL Media & Print has a solution with its Online Ordering Portal

The Online Ordering Portal for Media & Print can manage your inventory in your own access portal, where you set access to your assets, along with any other items that you'd like to control access to. 

Don't worry, your assets can be print-on-demand or produced-on-demand when you or your users place an order.  This allows you to organize all your media, print, promotional or other warehoused items in one place.  

DCL Media & Print is your one stop shop for all your media duplication, print services, digital audio/video services, and fulfillment services, complete with an Online Ordering Portal with user access controls. 

In the Online Ordering Portal, you can manage hundreds of users.  You can use this for corporate teams and or sales teams that distribute content within their organizations or throughout their sales territories.  

Users can be managed in "groups" that are associated with assets available to order, which restricts users to order only items that are available to them. 

You may set min and max order limits, controlling how much users can order on any single order, to put limits on order sizes.  You can also limit quantity or spending amount during certain time periods.  

The extensive control set has been designed for managers of complex marketing organization over years of refinement and optimization to suit the industry according to its specific needs. 

You may utilize our Online Ordering Portal for inventory management, user management, and managing large scale distribution. 

We are ready to serve your complex media and print operation needs. 


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