Mini CDs, also known as Pocked CDs or Shaped Discs, provide a way to offer optical discs in 8cm mini disc size as a more compact and stylish format to your customers. 

Also available are Business Card, Half Rectangle or Shaped Discs, which are truncated to the shape and size of a business card. The long axis is 80 mm while the short axis (from flat side to flat side) is generally between 58 and 68 mm. 

The artwork will be either applied using various approaches available including silkscreening, inkjet, thermal printing, or provided without printing if desired. You can simply upload the artwork for your disc and for your case insert. See the cost calculator for options.

For loading data to your disc, we have that option available too.  You can choose to load data to your disc or go with a blank disc.  To upload the data for your disc, please send us your file share link or use our Dropbox link.

For more information, please contact us directly.


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