We offer DVD Encoding and Authoring Services to create your DVD-5 or DVD-9 masters.

Rather than using your own consumer type software to do your own mastering, you can use our services for professional DVD quality.

We work with software and equipment that meets the industry standards currently in use. 

It is important to be informed on processes as rendering, audio/video sound and color balancing, proper encoding, and regional coding.

Our service costs match industry standards at $ 350.00 for DVD 5 and $ 550.00 for DVD 9 which includes a check disk for verification. Also, one minor change is allowed after verification. However, each additional modification will cost $ 100.00. We can work with all your source materials even your portable computer drive. We can convert various media formats. 

We perform DVD Authoring
DVD is a feature-rich gadget of the ages. It has more interactive features than the old VHS tapes. As the author of DVDs you should at least know about the following features unless all you care is just a plain video played from the beginning to the end. Features of DVD Authoring include: Menu, Subtitle, Audio Tracks, Camera Angles, and Copy Protection

We perform DVD Encoding
The encoding used for DVD is called Mpeg-2. Mpeg-2 not only converts the video but also compresses it and this allows a 4.7GB DVD-5 to hold video up to 2 hours. The DVD player (either the set-top unit or the software in a computer) will decode the Mpeg-2 stream and convert it back to video signal suitable to be viewed on the screen.

Once your DVD is Authored and Encoded, it will be ready to be mastered with region codes for international standards and replication or duplication per your needs. 

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