Send us your media, whether it be tape cassettes, CDs, DVDs, even the real old floppy disks, betacam, you name it, we have been doing media conversion and duplication for 40 years! We'll convert them your media library to digital format according to your needs, for example, MP3 for audio or MP4 for video.  

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We support all different media types and conversion formats, so no worries, we are experts in digital audio/video services. 

We can transfer the digital files back to you via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One, or most other digital file sharing protocol.  

We can also put them onto modern optical discs or memory storage devices and ship them back to you. 

Simply pay for the services, ship your media to us with your receipt in the box, and we'll convert the them to files, delivering the files back to you according to the method that you select. 

Ship cassette tapes to:

DCL Media & Print
48815 Kato Rd
Fremont, CA 94539

Include receipt in package.

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