VHS tapes disappeared from our household around the turn of the millennium. If you still have them in your archive chances are they are starting to malfunction. Convert them to DVDs before it is too late! With the aging mechanical parts within the VHS tape, the sooner you try to digitalize the content the better chance the content can be preserved.



$75 minimum per VHS tape to DVD per 60 minutes.  $150 for 120 minutes.

Note: A DVD can hold about two hours of video. If you playtime of your VHS tape is longer than two hours the video will need to be spread over multiple DVDs.

Lead-time: 2-3 business days
How To:

Send your tapes to the address below with your contact information. We will call you when we receive your package.



Duplication Type:  DVD-R

DVD case included

Simple logo and text setup

Ship to:

DCL Media & Print
c/o Media Dept.
48815 Kato Rd
Fremont, CA 94539

Include receipt in package.

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